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Should You Work from Home?

Are you currently employed outside of the home?  If you are, do you regularly find yourself frustrated with the daily commute to and from work?  Do you regularly find yourself fed up with workplace gossip or antics that may go on at your company workplace?  If you do, have you ever considered working from home?  If working from home is something that you have considered, you should know that you are not alone. Wanting to work from home is a dream that many have.  It’s that dream that could […]

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Blog Marketing Miracles: How To Bring Sales To Your Business Through A Weblog

An increasing number of business entities are actively using blogs as part of their marketing strategy. Why? Blogging is providing them with the ability to connect with their audience thus encouraging goodwill, which in turn helps bring sales. Marketing through blogging It is nothing you have not heard for quite some time now. Blogging has caused quite a stir. It has, in fact, continued to proliferate rapidly.  When the Internet was young, a blog was just a personal online diary. It was a place to publish one’s […]

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